Resource Development and Fundraising

Resource Development and Fundraising

If nonprofit employees hope to ascend the organizational ladder, they must understand and have practical experiences with fundraising. Often times, “development” dominates a senior executive’s portfolio, and certainly, no one will succeed as a nonprofit CEO without credible bona fides in this area. Beyond the technical aspects, “knowing” fundraising also involves the art of partnering with volunteers, board members, donors, foundations, and others.

In 21st century NPOs the reality is that good fundraising professionals are very hard to find. They are expensive and not always the right fit. Additionally, philanthropy today is extremely complicated. Planning a fundraising event requires different skills from mounting a major gifts or capital campaign. Legacy and endowment efforts demand their own special skillsets, as do grant writing and online giving.

Over the course of more than 30 years in the nonprofit sector I have developed expertise in a broad array of fundraising and resource development areas. I have led challenging campaigns with impressive results in a variety of communities – large and small. Most recently, over the course of the past decade alone, I helped raise nearly $50M for the institution I served.

In development work, perhaps more than any other area, there is an important distinction to be made between those who can recite the textbook ‘rules,’ and those with a real track record. In my case, I understand the theories but far more importantly, I have walked the walk and raised the money to prove it. I know I can be helpful to you and your organization in a number of fundraising arenas.

One final point with regard to resource development – In today’s world, traditional philanthropy is often no longer the sole means of generating revenue for a nonprofit. Increasingly, organizations are looking at a number of earned income possibilities as well. I know that was true when I was a CEO, and I can say that those pursuits turned out to be quite beneficial for the organization. If you are contemplating a move in that direction, let’s talk. I believe that when done properly earned income can be extremely important to the future of your organization.

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