Consulting for Executives

Partnering for Impact. Becoming a Great Leader.

To be effective, a nonprofit executive must demonstrate command of a broad array of subjects. She need not be the expert on everything, or the smartest person in every room. But to succeed, nonprofit professionals must instill in their stakeholders a sense of competence and confidence.

Explore how Hal works with executives.

Executive Coaching

If you run a not-for-profit, you need the support and challenge that only an experienced coach can provide.


Working with Boards

Executives must know how to work with boards and volunteers to create a meaningful experience for all who give of themselves to the cause.


Attracting and Retaining Talent

Executives must attract and retain great talent, and provide supervision and growth opportunities to keep them engaged.


Resource Development and Fundraising

Non-profit CEOs need to know fundraising from annual campaigns to legacies and endowments.


Crisis Management / Organizational Turnaround

Increasingly, nonprofit CEOs are called upon to manage significant crises that go far beyond business as usual.


Succession Planning and Transition

Within the next 7 years, more than 90% of nonprofits will seek to replace their CEOs – learn to lead a seamless transition.


Nothing matters more to me than the work I do with organizational executives. Without trained professional leaders, organizations will fail to achieve their desired impact.